Developmental Milestones

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! We are excited to have you and your new baby join our Pediatrics at Whitlock Family. We are here for you as your child grows up through the years, birth through college. We provide comprehensive healthcare in a nurturing environment in order to help maximize your child's potential.

All of our staff are committed to identifying each child's God given gift, which we believe, when developed, can lead to a life full of promise and productivity, not only for themselves but the society in which they live.

Our intent is to focus on Preventative Healthcare, discussing ways to optimize your child's health and thus decrease risks of injuries & illness. We also will partner with you to identify and manage acute/chronic illnesses or injuries that are unavoidable & may impede your child's ability to do their best if not treated.

Each visit is another building block in our joint goal to maximize your child's potential before he/she matriculates into society. Things change rapidly when babies are first born so appointments will be more frequent in the beginning and space out as they grow. (See Preventative Care Schedule in "Office Info" section). During each of these visits we will focus on growth, developmental milestones, perform age-appropriate screenings (like vision, hearing,etc.) and a full exam, update vaccines if needed to decrease risks of corresponding illnesses (see "Vaccine" section for details) and educational performance as they get older. Schedule visits in the interim if any illnesses or other concerns develop.

Our website is a great resource and now most insurances have a nurse available for questions 24hrs per day. However, we are always available. If you still have additional questions that need to be answered before the next day, call our main number 770-499-8909 and hold for Answering Service). If it's a true emergency, call 911 and later when you can, please update us so that we can follow up and make sure everything is okay.


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